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7th and 8th Grade supply list

Caldwell Middle School

7th & 8th grade Supply List  2018-2019

To bTo be given to HIVE teacher:

Kleenex – (2 boxes)       

10 oz. Bottle of Hand Sanitizer - (1 bottle)

GenGeneral Supplies (These materials will be reqnneeded throughout the year):

Notebook Paper

Pencil Sharpeners


Black or Blue Pens (1pkg)       

Red Pens (2 pens)

Colored Pencils (1 box)       

Colored Markers (1 box)       



Pencil Pouch               

Glue Sticks   

Back Pack

Please Note:  Students will be given an additional list of necessary supplies that are needed for each individual class.  Such as spirals, composition books, dividers etc. that may be needed for the year. Students will have until Monday, August 27th to get the remaining supplies needed for school.

Registration Dates:

August 14 from 8am-8pm

August 15 from 4pm-8pm

*Parents may register online this year.  Please see the district website for more information.